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100 Black Men of Los Angeles
Created on 04 May 2011

obamaFounded in 1981, 100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc. (”100 BMLA”) has served the greater Los Angeles community for nearly 30 years!

Comprised of men from the professions of law, medicine, architecture, business, politics and education, 100 BMLA is committed to using their knowledge, skill and ability for the betterment of our community.

Using national motto “Real Men Giving Real Time,” as a guide, we invest in the Greater Los Angeles community through our flagship programs Young Black Scholars and the See Your Future Mentoring Program. Combined with our annual economic and health-related activities, 100 BMLA programs embody our national Four for the Future mandate to positively impact Education, Mentoring, Economic Development and Health and Wellness.

Created on 17 April 2011

cameosThe 100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc. is a non-profit, 501 (c) 3 civic and community based organization that serves as a catalyst for the disadvantaged and underrepresented segments of the community.

Its mission is to improve the quality of life for blacks and other minorities through the enhancement of educational and economic opportunities within the community. The 100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc. provide support for and focuses on: mentoring, education, health and wellness and education programs emphasizing mentoring services, economic development, scholarship and sponsoring of the YBS program.


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About us

100BMLAThe 100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc. began its operations in 1981. The 100BMLA was founded on the precept that we would make a difference in the communities we serve by demonstrating our unconditional support for the enhancement of education for our youth. Among the group's many accomplishments is the major sponsorship of the Young Black Scholars Program.

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LA 100 Black Men of Los Angeles, Inc.
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Los Angeles, CA 90008-5135

Phone (323) 294-7444

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Young Black Scholars

YBSYoung Black Scholars is a comprehensive college preparatory program for African American and other minority high school students. The program brings together some of the best and brightest future leaders to participate in more than 40 workshops, programs, seminars, and conferences throughout the academic school year.
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